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The River Always Wins... A profound and moving lyric essay.

The River Always Wins offers up a metaphor for hope in troubled times. Using the musicality of refrains and short chapters, this prose poem creates a rhythmic understanding of the power of water to both challenge and heal.

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"If enough drops flow together in the same direction long enough, the river always wins."

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Praise for The River Always Wins

"I've taken some solace in a little book my sister-in-law sent me called "The River Always Wins," by conservationist David Marquis. I'm usually allergic to to modern works of inspiration, but there's something calming about Marquis's aphorisms on the persistent, irresistible force of water.

Ron Charles, The Washington Post

“Through beautiful prose and inspirational imagery, The River Always Wins is a testament to perseverance and the human spirit. It is a powerful reminder that despite hardships and setbacks, we can all continue to move our society forward, one drop at a time.”

Diane Regas, CEO for The Trust for Public Land

“David Marquis’ words are as rhythmic as running water and remind us of both the spiritual and ecological place that rivers have in our lives.”

Andrew Sansom, Founder of The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment and former Executive Director of Texas Parks and Wildlife

“An expert on water conservation and supply, David Marquis has created a work that is both instructive and entertaining. No spoiler alert that the river always wins.”

Eric Nadel, Texas Rangers Radio Announcer, 2014 Ford C Frick Award Recipient

“I so appreciate David Marquis’ spirit and determination. He once gave me a handprinted card that says: ‘Be water, my friend.’ David himself follows that concept, constantly flowing around corners and fearlessly leaping into the unknown to discover how to make the world a better blue green place to be.”

Jim Levitt, Fellow, Harvard Forest, Harvard University

“My eyes were opened, jaw dropped, mind expanded, and heart filled with myriad meanings of Water. I was truly inspired.”

Trammell S. Crow, Founder, EarthX, the world’s largest environmental expo

“This book is a moving testimony of a longing that lies deep in our hearts, inviting us to embody it in our own lives, and gift it for the entire world.”

Ruben L.F. Habito, Guiding Teacher, Maria Kannon Zen Center

“The timeliness of this book that reads with the rhythm of a musical composition is remarkable. The River Always Wins reminds us that just like the water in the river that is, we as humanity are becoming. Rising up and reborn as headwaters, collectively flowing through rapids, over sandbars and around fallen trees, we are, nevertheless, moving toward the greater good—shaping the rock and transforming hearts along the way.”

Cynthia Seale, Trinity Waters

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